Group Therapy

There are times when friends have to support each other through thick and thin.

There are also, apparently, times when friends realise that they have all agreed to do the marathon, and gather together to commiserate over the fact that they have evidently taken leave of their senses. And also to shop. 

First there was brunch, and then it was on to the running shop to get fitted for new trainers - because going on a treadmill was exactly what we all felt like doing after tucking into these delicious brunch goods:
The breakfast of lunatics
But running gear had to be purchased, so on we went. After three out of four of us walking around barefoot in the shop (and all three being told we had feet that try to roll inwards on us), and trying on at least five pairs of trainers each (and going for mini test-runs out of the shop and back each time), we finally bought the shoes. And then rewarded ourselves with coffee.

In all honesty, I wasn't really planning on buying trainers, I just thought I'd see what the man said about my feet/walk/run. But seeing as I bought my current pair of trainers on the basis that they were the least expensive pair I could get in the last running I shop I visited (two years ago), maybe splashing out a bit on the right pair of shoes will be the sensible thing to do before embarking on a full training regime. That makes sense, right? Good. 

Also, I like buying things for me...