9 miles

Today's run: 9 miles / 14.48 km in 1:40:00.
Injury check: All clear.
Training buddy: Rob.

I've decided to track my distances in miles from now on, so this was a bit of a jump from the 12 k / 7.5 miles of last week. 

I had company again, to help me through. Rob isn't really a runner, so he accompanied me on his bike. Sort of like a coach, cycling alongside an athlete in training. It wasn't much of a workout for him, but it worked really well for me.
Only the good type of gradient in this route.

I felt pretty good throughout, especially given that I donated blood yesterday. I made up some sugary snacks (mashed banana + honey) to keep me going, and Rob counted off the miles and kept me updated on my speed. 

The weather was almost perfect for me, too. Cool enough that I didn't overheat but not so cold that I complained about it.

The Knee behaved itself, The Ankle was good. I had to pause at one point to stretch out a hamstring but otherwise the legs were fine, beyond the expected exercise-induced ache as I worked through the miles.

However, after the run, I crashed pretty hard. Shivery, faint, pale. The distance had obviously taken more out of me than I thought. Luckily Rob was still there to give me a hot drink and feed me crisps until I was back to normal. 
The moral of this story: do not go for a 9 mile run the day after giving a pint of blood. 

However, I did manage 9 miles in good time and at a good pace. So, overall, I'm calling this a win.

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