Run: 17 miles / 27.36 km in 3:45:ish.
Injury check: The Knee struck early, followed by foot pain.
Training buddy: Dad, on bike*

Last weekend I ran my longest training run. It was not fun. My new most-hated weather is the bitter, biting wind. 

We ran along the river, following the Thames Path towards Kingston. It sounds like a lovely route, doesn't it? And it probably is - in summer. It was not lovely this fine Easter. 

The wind was against me on the way out and it made the first 8.5 miles very hard work. The return 8.5 miles was coldI've worn layers while running; I've taken top layers off as I've warmed up. I've never had to put layers on during a run. 

The pain was another problem. I've ached on long runs. I haven't hurt as much as this before. The most annoying thing was that the hurt wasn't actually caused by the extension in distance - the injuries made themselves felt far earlier than that. The Knee on the left, followed by the right instep, both within the first quarter of the run. I really wanted to get this distance down, however long it took, so I carried on. And (as you can see) it took a long time. The last couple of miles in particular were very slow, as I was run-walk-limping my way to the end. 
Grimace of pain outside Hampton Court, viewed from the river.
I think the looming storm clouds set it off nicely, don't you?
With 17 miles done, I'm now on the taper down towards the marathon. And one day, in the near future, I won't have to run any more. Oh, happy day...

*Who probably regretted his kind offer of company at least once during the route: he had to listen to me being grumpy most of the way around!

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