Can't Mistake My Biology

Today's run: 4 km (2.49 miles) in 30:00.
Injury check: Bit of a twinge.

Today what felt like a torrential storm hit Luton. Also it's dark at night now. And cold. So I was inside on the treadmill. 

This run wasn't a personal best or anything, but I am actually ecstatic that I now count 30mins as my 'short' run. (Although I did have to stop halfway through for a short stretch due to a massive stitch in my side.) I totalled just over 4k in the end but I didn't keep track of the few metres more that I managed in each half, it was enough that I made it over 2k each time. 

The Knee twinged a little during and then a little more after - and I sat with a bag of frozen peas on it this evening. 

My near-term goal is to get up to running 10k in an hour, which I consider to be a respectable distance+time, and is something I've never achieved before. If I can reach it before Christmas that would be brilliant. 

Today's top running tune: Girls Aloud - Biology. Yes, it's a silly song, but today the beat was perfect for my pace.