Autumn Running

Today's run: 6.01 km (3.73 miles) in 45 minutes.
Injury check: All clear.

I almost didn't run outside today. As I left the office this afternoon it was grey, cloudy and generally grim, and I was very close to giving in and just going for an indoor gym session. However, I then reminded myself that I'm training for a marathon, and I will have to train through the winter. So I persuaded myself to go out and I'm glad that I did.

I tried a new route today, along a path/cycleway that follows the road from Luton to Harpenden. A lot of leaves have turned and fallen off the trees that line the path and it was looking at its picturesque best, especially when the sun came out:
Much better than running on the treadmill.
It's a good route, too. It had scenery and gradient (breaking up the monotony of running), was quite shielded from the (fairly bitter) wind, and due to being tarmac underfoot it was better than pavement for The Knee. I even spotted some wildlife: a pheasant running alongside the path... going a lot quicker than I was.

This path is actually a few miles in total; I only ran a certain distance along it before I turned around and came back again, but I'll be keeping it on my running schedule. I like the idea of running it every so often as I work on increasing my distance, getting a bit further each run before it's time to turn around again. 

The best thing about this run was that I didn't ruin or injury myself and I managed a whole 6k. Today was a good day.