Proper Runner

Today's run: 1.87 km (1.16 miles) in 12:41 + 1.99 km (1.24 miles) in 14:45.
Injury check: All clear.

Not that I am actually claiming to be a Proper Runner yet, but I looked it today. As in: proper-crazy runner, out slogging through the streets on a blazing sunny day, with my sunglasses on, headphones in, and a rucksack on my back.

I ran to the Post Office, to pick up a package - hence the rucksack, to carry it back. I checked the distance first and, as you can see, it's less than 2k to the Post Office. However, I live on a hill, and the Post Office is the other side of town, back up another hill.

So the first 60% of this run was fine - downhill at a good pace (knee support on), through town and then uphill for the last 30%. And then I got a ten minute break while I stood in the queue and then fiddled with my Runkeeper app (it crashed when I paused it for my queueing time). 

And then it was time to run back again, which - as you may have guessed - was a bit harder. Not only did I now have two bottles of contact lens solution in my rucksack (not exactly heavy but not as light as an empty bag), but more of the return journey is uphill.

However, I made it. The final rise was pretty slow but it was still just about a jog and not a walk. And I enjoyed actually running to somewhere, as opposed to the nowhere of the treadmill or the circular route I run around the training fields out behind the gym. I shall have to try more purposeful runs in the future.