Total Mileage: Not Worth Boasting About

Today's run: 1 km (0.62 miles) in 6:20.
Injury check: Minor twinges.

Yes, a very short run today. But having been lazy/busy/not well enough to run [delete as appropriate] for the last couple of weeks, I thought I'd take it easy. My bad knee has been twinging (for no obvious reason) for the last week, so I didn't want to push anything - but it felt alright after the first minute so I pushed enough to get a pretty respectable time. 

However, I probably do need to up the ante. The organiser of this whole marathon effort has recently posted that he and his other half are making good progress in their training and are "up to 15 miles a week and it is kinda fun now".
Just done a quck tally on my tracking spreadsheet (if it surprises you I have this, you don't know me well enough) and including today's effort I have now just passed 15 miles in total since my training efforts started. 
And believe me, it has yet to be 'fun'.

Anyway, I'll take tomorrow off and try a short run outside on Thurs. Probably not back up to 5k yet, but hopefully further than today.