Winter Is Coming

Today's run: 4.85 km (3.01 miles) in 40:19.
Injury check: All clear.

New knee support, new running tights (given to me by another member of Team Em and Me), new enthusiasm for running - and here I go! 
Well... two out of three ain't bad. 

However, the tights are great: they made such a difference running in the cold weather, and my legs felt so much less numb/chapped/horrible during and after my run. 
Now I need to find a lightweight jacket/fleece of some kind to protect the rest of me from the chill - and then once I have that I'll be properly kitted out and the weather will have no hold over me. Mwahahahaha! 

Ahem. Apologies for that moment, but I am on a buzz after finishing nearly 5k - in the cold and the wind - and not feeling like I was dying at the end of it. 

In other thoughts, I have a JustGiving page now: www.justgiving.com/RhianChapman.
Watch this space for more sponsorship musings...