First 5k

Today's run: 5 km (3.11 miles) in 35:59.
Injury check: The Knee made itself felt, but no real pain.

Quietly pleased with today's effort. It wasn't superbly fast but it was steady, and it was a full 5k. I ran the opposite direction around my usual path, which meant the short, sharp slope upwards that I've been dealing with on every circuit became a nice, short slope downwards. Much better. I could have gone further if I'd had to - not a lot, but I wasn't completely dying. 

Today I tried out my newest running accessory: an arm band to carry my smartphone in. Up until now I've been fine with the tiny mp3 player I have for my music, but now I have a running app so I need a holder for my phone. Although that sounds a bit poncy (and/or geeky), the app also gives me regular audio feedback - a time and distance check - which really helps me to keep going. I need that encouragement, that notification that I am getting somewhere with each step.

I also have the app telling me what speed I'm going at as I pass each time or distance check. I'm not sure what distance it thinks it's averaging that over, because it's often blatantly wrong (11 km/h? Really, app? I don't think so. Not yet, anyway.), but those overly optimistic speeds do give me moments of amusement during the slog. 

To reward myself for this evening's efforts I am now eating an entire bar of Galaxy Caramel. Not the small bar; the big one. And I'm totally allowed because I ran 5k today. Yum.