Wanna Make You Sweat

Today's run: 4 km (2.5 miles) in 27:41.
Injury check: The Knee made itself felt, but no pain.

Today was tougher than I expected. It was a lovely day, sun shining and everything (maybe summer is finally here?) but unfortunately by the time I made it out of the office it was also somewhat muggy. It was alright to run in, but I was sweating a lot and it just sat on my skin, not cooling me down a lot. I also ran the last kilometre with a stitch.

Consequently I did not reach my 5k goal. I almost gave up at 3k but then decided I probably had another 500m in me... and then decided to at least make it to 4k. And then I laid down on the (newly mown) grass in the sun and panted for a bit. It was a really lovely evening for relaxing in the sun.

By the time I'd recovered and stretched out I had many little bits of grass sticking to my arms and legs and - I discovered once I'd ambled back to the changing rooms - my foreheadI am so cool.