First Run

Today's run: 4.71 km (2.93 miles) in 33:53.
Injury check: felt The Knee for the first 2 km and then the last one, but no pain. Bizarrely, it was the good knee tweaking by the end. Am icing it as I type.

Three days ago, on Friday 11th May 2012, I agreed to run the 2013 London Marathon. This was my first training run. I actually ran 5 km but I don't have an exact time for that, since I managed to poke my phone at the wrong moment and stop the recording before I reached my goal distance (it's a new app, I'm still figuring it out). 

It was not exactly an auspicious beginning: it started pouring with rain just as I was waiting for a GPS fix to start my run - and then it started to hail. I don't mind running in the rain; I draw the line at hail. I ducked inside for five minutes until the hail stopped, then waited another five until the rain was nearly done too. And then I ran.

5 km is the longest I've run in a really long time. It's only a start, but it's not a bad one.