Back on Track

Today's run: 3.74 km (2.32 miles) in 29:54.
Injury check: Nothing more than minor twinges.

Following the scary Official Letter - and with it the confirmation that I am actually going to be taking part in the London Marathon next year - I decided it was time I got back into my running shoes. 

I read somewhere recently that when you start training you should put your efforts into time on your feet and not worry too much about the distance you achieve. Since the rate at which I'm increasing my distance is feeling a little, well, pathetic, I'm going to try the time tactic instead: slowly increasing my time and seeing how that affects the distance I can cover.

Today I set myself a time limit of 30 minutes, and a running playlist on my phone that was 30 minutes long as a timer. 
I made it the end of the time but it was not a fast run. The last two months of laziness not exercising has definitely knocked my fitness, although my knees held up pretty well to the sudden demand to perform: a couple of tweaks from the good knee but not enough to actually stop my run. I was, however, moving pretty slowly by the end. 

Next run: a target of 33 minutes.