With Friends Like These

Today's run: 2.94 km (1.83 miles) in 21:57.
Injury check: All clear.

A shorter run today, by design. It was a bit easier today than the last run and I managed a slightly quicker pace throughout as well. It was, however, quite cold. Blustery and chilly. And the skin on my legs went numb, reminding me vividly of school PE lessons outside in the winter. It might be time to treat myself to some more snazzy running gear - to get me through the colder months. 

I'm still charting my distance with an app on my phone but I don't have it talking me through the distance any more, since I decided to concentrate on just increasing my time. Of course, if I had known my exact distance on the finishing mark then I would have managed that last 600m to make it an even 3k. Never mind: next time.

I've now started telling people that I'm running the marathon. Up until now - until it was official - I didn't want to admit that I'd signed up to something so unlike me. Here are some of the reactions I've got so far:

Me: I'm doing the London marathon next year.
Friend #1: You crazy fool.

Me: I'm running the marathon next year.
Friend #2: What would you go and do that for?!

Me: I'm running the London marathon.
Friend #3: (laughter)

Friend #4: Do you think it's a good idea, with your knee?
Me: No, I don't think it's a good idea at all!

But after the laughter and commiserations on my foolishness, there was support, and even a couple of offers to help me train. With friends like these, how can I fail?