60 minutes

Today's run: 8.59 km / 5.34 miles in 60:00.
Injury check: A few minor tweaks but not enough to stop me.

1 hour run: done! And I beat my goal of 8k! And I didn't break myself!

I ran with my friend Robert today, which was brilliant. Running with someone is much better than running alone - it makes it far less monotonous for one thing. And running with someone who has a much faster pace than you is even better. I still took a few, short, walking breaks, but I was able to push myself onwards through some of the wanting-to-stop moments and I walked a lot less than I might have otherwise. I don't know how much he got out of it, because we stayed to my pace which is definitely slow for him, but it helped me so much.
Lovely weather for ducks...
It was pouring with rain when we started (it slackened off a bit later) but it wasn't as cold as it has been this week and I think that helped too. Running in the rain isn't bad either, once you've warmed up a bit. 

The Knee coped pretty well, with only a few twinges and a slight post-run ache. I will ice it shortly, as a preventative measure. 

Basically today was an awesome run :-D