Frost and Ice

Today's run: 2.78 km / 1.73 miles in 20:00.
Injury check: Post-run twinges in The Knee.

Today I went for another run at lunchtime. 
There was still frost on the grass. 
I had to dodge patches of ice. 
There's a growing probability that all of my running posts through the next three months will have the 'cold' tag on them.

But anyway - I beat Monday's distance. And today did feel better - I kept a steadier pace and felt less haggard at the end as well. It wasn't quite as cold as Monday, which must have helped.

I felt a minor twinge from The Knee during the run but not enough to stop me (I paused, I re-arranged my knee support, I carried on). However, once I'd been back at my desk a while - sitting with my legs crossed - it did begin to ache. Could be because it was stiffening up a bit post-run, could be because I was sitting with my legs crossed. Could be because my knee hates me...

I am icing it tonight, we'll see if it bounces back to situation normal tomorrow.