Injury Check

In case anyone is wondering why there's an injury check at the top of all my running posts, here's the background you need to play "guess which body part will fail next" for the rest of my training. And because there aren't any pictures of me running* I picked an inspirational shot to use as a visual aid:
For future reference, this is the pose I intend to pull when I cross the marathon finish line.

The Knee
First injured when I was 11 years old, it's been weaker than my right knee ever since. It finally failed me three years ago and I had surgery to fix the incorrect sideways pull on my kneecap. It's still not as strong as my right side but at least I can run now, albeit with a certain amount of strapping. 

The Ankle
Two years ago I sprained my ankle. Badly. And then again, a year later. (The second time playing netball, which I don't even enjoy...) I was on crutches the first time and it was almost as bad the second time. It's never been quite the same since, which apparently can be the case with ankles.

The Collarbone
This one was entirely my own fault. I was learning how to ride a motorbike a year ago and I went flying over the handlebars and broke my collarbone. That's painful, I can tell you. Anyway, this hasn't actually affected my running and I don't expect it will - broken bones seem to heal much more cleanly than muscular injuries - I just thought I'd include it for completeness. 

So there we have the injury summary to date. Wish me luck, folks.

*That's a lie, there are pictures of me running. But, annoyingly, they were all taken at moments when it looked as if I barely had any pace on me at all, which is just unfair. As soon as I have a picture of me sprinting, I'll post it here.