The Joy of Snow

Today's run: 8.38 km / 5.21 miles in 1:02:55*.
Injury check: Slight post-run ache in The Knee.

Once more unto the breach...
Don't actually know where the path ends
and the frozen ponds begin...

Today was even more fun than yesterday - and I think we managed a good distance for the weather/ second day in a row of snow running/etc. 

I had Robert with me again, which encouraged me into a slightly faster pace than yesterday. The going underfoot was better as well: it had been snowing (lightly) for hours today before we went out, so there was a whole new lot of fresh snow over every surface. And it was still snowing while we ran, which was different.

That said, I was definitely tiring towards the end. Even deeper snow makes for a better running surface but it is even more tiring. I found it puts more stress on my ankles, too, with the uneven ground and the slightly uncertain footing with each step. I was never going to slip over or hurt myself, but it's more of a workout for your stabilising muscles. 

We got a few amused glances from the various families/dog walkers who watched us jog past, but we spotted one other runner out in this wonderful weather. I don't really blame the rest of the world for staying inside: the bits of my fringe that had escaped my hat actually ended up frozen solid...

If this weather keeps up, I'll soon be completely converted to snow running. In all my fluorescent gear:
Wouldn't think we were still in Luton, would you?
*Distance and time taken from Robert's app today; mine reckoned we'd only done 6.5k but then it only recorded 50 minutes when we definitely went past the hour, so I've lost a certain measure of faith in it now.

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