London Run

Today's run: 6.70 km / 4.16 miles in 43:52.
Injury check: All clear.
Running buddy: Katie.

The snow is gone. Which is a bit of a pity, because I was just getting used to how pretty it made everything look. It is, of course, a good thing with regards to training. (But why is the snow gone?) 

This morning was stunningly different to last week's run - I was all prepared with my full cold-weather gear, only to discover that I didn't need any extra layers and I was actually a bit warm in my long-sleeved top. What happened, Winter? 

Running app apparently not designed
with 'good map display' as a priority
Running in a new place today - and novelty in the running schedule is always a good thing. My (fancy) London run started in Battersea Park, led up over Chelsea Bridge, west along the river and back across at Albert Bridge, then around the park a bit more.

And a new running buddy for today: one of my oldest friends (and fellow TEAM member) KatieKatie is undeniably generally fitter than me. However, being a footballer, she's a bit more inclined to run faster for short periods, whereas I was built for slow, steady exercise. Also, she had a bad ankle today, which considerably levelled the playing field. 

Even injured, Katie has a faster pace than me, which pulled me onwards a bit and gave us a pretty good time for the nearly 7k. And I managed a near-sprint at the end. 

Following this Saturday morning run we met up with (most of) the rest of TEAM for Saturday lunch and the taking of a few group photos to wave at the media chaps at Diabetes UK. Everyone has really been putting in the training and some of them are doing so well on the fund-raising front. Em would be proud of us. She'd be disbelieving that some of us are actually doing this(!), but she'd be so proud. 

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