Neither Rain, Nor Fog, Nor Snow...

Today's run: 5.37 km / 3.34 miles in 43:15.
Injury check: All clear.


I love snow. But, funnily enough, I've never gone for a run in it before. It's quite hard work, especially in the deep stuff ("deep" being 4 inches in this case) because it slides a little under your feet, adding resistance to every step. Plus it's bloomin' cold out. 
Perfect weather for sledging!
I didn't try and go fast - or even at my normal pace - because I figured snow running is enough of a workout anyway. I stayed off the paths and pavements because the general tread of people is already packing the snow down to a potentially slippy state, and anytime I had to cross a pavement I slowed to a walk. I mostly stuck to the deep, fresh patches of snow, leaving my footprints on the snowcape.

The overall distance is up for debate, as my app seemed to be having a little trouble finding the GPS satellites today and I also spent some time running back and forth across a small patch of ground writing 'TEAM' in the snow (small things...). Basically today I decided to have fun during my run. 

When I got back I did my usual set of stretches, made myself a hot drink and got into a bath of cold water. This is a tip passed to me by some TEAM members: after a hard run, spending a few minutes in an ice bath is good for your muscles. After all, rugby players do it, Jess Ennis does it, etc, etc... Well, I thought I'd try it. 
I lasted about a minute before giving up. And, to be honest, I even cheated a bit then: I started running the hot water for my shower while I was in the cold bath. I had to - my toes ached from the chill. And no offence, guys, but I don't think I'll be doing that again. 

Anyway: that's this week's 40 minute run checked off, despite the weather. And, actually, it was fun. Roll on the winter.

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Paul said...

After reading Jess Ennis's book I also jump, (well gently sit actually), in a bath of cold water. Not ice cold, but from the tank in the loft which is still pretty cold. The depth is just enough to cover the upper thighs. I find if you keep still and dont move, your legs soon get used to the cold, poking your toes out of the water also helps. I usually stay in the bath for four minutes. Try it again Rhian ... if Jess does it, it must be good !!