Today's run: 12 km / 7.46 miles in 1:23:48.
Injury check: Twinges in the good knee.
Running buddy: Robert.

Man, it was cold this morning! It was predicted to be -2 degrees and I could definitely believe that it really was below zero... It was trying to snow as we set out, although it gave up pretty quickly and was just cold. 

The benefits of this were that a) I stood no chance whatsoever of overheating, and b) the parts of the route that Robert had warned me might be really muddy were actually just frozen solid, and were therefore quite crispy underfoot rather than trainer-suckingly nasty. 

He also warned me it would be a bit hilly, which I blithely agreed to run anyway. The inclines involved weren't actually too steep, mostly, but they were fairly long and hence still quite taxing: 

Long incline was long. (Shaded grey incline = 1.5km.)
I hoped to be able to manage a sprint at the end but the final up-slope home (which isn't really visible on the elevation plot, but trust me, it's there) did me in. I have spent the rest of the day being a bit achey and making old person noises when I have to get up out of a chair...

Still, a good time achieved at a good average pace, especially considering the hills involved. 

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Iain said...

Well done Rhian whoooop!!
Tremendous effort there and a nice elevation profile :0)
If you need someone to stand in a tutu shouting out support at the bottom of the hills just give me a call, as I tend to hang around parks in a short dress at weekends anyhow.